Return Policy

Myrepsos offers the possibility of returning or changing your order product if for some reason you are not satisfied. Users have the right to return the product without penalty and without justification within 14 calendar days from the date they receive the products by

a) sending the returned product unused, exactly as it was before the sale in its original packaging and with all the contents of the original packaging and any gift that probably included.

In the above case, the user shall only bear the direct cost of returning the products.It will be accepted only if the products are in the same position as the original, without being unsealed or violated their package and in any case they should not have been used and the packaging is the one accompanying the product.All the above should be accompanied by the relevant purchase and delivery documents (eg, receipt, bill of lading, etc.).

Further product returns are accepted only in the following cases:

b) In case of wrong execution of the order by Myrepsos, delivery of wrong products.

c) In case it has passed the expiration date of the products.

d) If the product has a defect, which is covered by the warranty.

In these cases the following apply:

The return must be made within 14 calendar days from the date of delivery. It must be unused, just as it was before the sale in its original packaging with all its contents and any gift probably included. In case the extra gift is not refunded , then the return is not accepted.

The product must be accompanied by the original purchase document. If the purchase was made with a credit card should be presented the prototype of the coupon issued by the bank terminal.

If the conditions return are valued, the consumer is entitled to receive equal value credit for another purchase of products, or receive cash back when the purchase was made in cash. All the refunds are made within 30 calendar days from the return and receipt of products from Myrepsos. In case the purchase was made with a credit card transaction there will be cancelation and corresponding information (credit) of your card.

In case you receive a defective product please let us know as soon as possible about the product and the existing problem. In case of proven fault of Myrepsos the return and replacement costs burden our store and the customer can choose if he wants to be refunded in cash, in equal value credit for purchase of another product or resend the order. In this case the receipt of the product is made from your area by the cooperating courier company.

In case of customer fault, the packaging and shipping costs burden the customer.

Before returning the products the customer should contact us to let us know.