Terms of use

Welcome to our on-line store of Myrepsos. The web site myrepsos.gr operates under the responsibility of Myrepsos IKE company. Please read carefully the terms of use and function of the website before you interact with it.


The visit and use of the website premises the total acceptance, on behalf of users-visitors, of the terms of use of the website. If any user disagrees with some or all the terms, he should not use it, otherwise he declares by using it the acceptance of terms and premises of operation.

Terms and changes

The website claims the right to modify or renew at any time the terms and premises of transactions. Any kind of modification will be known through the website.

Informations and products

The online store www.myrepsos.gr is a unique store with its own policy on prices, terms of payment, disposal and product delivery. The customer can enlist for free either by creating an account or joining as a visitor. For the account the user will need a username and a password. Each client can enroll once and his enrollment can provide him with the following:

He can see the contents of his chart. The client can revise or change his choices before finishing his order. The client may pay by using one of the payment method and watch after the submit of his order its course. During the enrollment will be needed: Name, surname, name of company (if exists), occupation, address, post code, region, country, telephone number and e-mail. The above are necessary for the exchanges between the online store and the clients. The www.myrepsos.gr will not reveal any personal data for advertising or marketing purposes, except if the client wishes so. It also commits about the quality and reliability of the information given in its web pages, under the consideration of any technical or printing mistakes that cannot be foreseen or have come up unwillingly or because of malfunction of the web store. Furthermore, the www.myrepsos.gr has the right to change the content of the web pages (for example prices, photographs, descriptions etc) without any previous warning and these changes are instantly active from the moment of their publishment on the internet.

Users responsibility

The users of the online store www.myrepsos.gr declare and accept that they are not going to use this website for any kind of activity that can pursuit law punishment against Myrepsos company concerning criminal activities described on national and European laws. Also accept not to violate any kind of copyright belonging to third part and act by the rules of website www.myrepsos.gr and the rules of personal data protection. They must provide real and detailed personal information during their enrollment and update their personal data when needed. Myrepsos company claims the right to deactivate immediately one’s account if inaccurate personal information is discovered. They have to protect and not reveal to others their username and password. Finally, they accept any responsibility for the use of the website and their account respectively by non-authorized persons. They are willing to pay for any damaged occurred by such use to Myrepsos company and/or any other cooperating part. Make sure they exit from their personal account at the end of the session. Furthermore, they must provide true details of payment and deliverance for their orders to the online store. It is strictly forbidden the reproduce of any kind of material belonging to www.myrepsos.gr by downloading and storing it in their personal computers without previous permission of Myrepsos company.

Limits of responsibility

The www.myrepsos.gr does not have any responsibility over the client during the transactions with the website, coming from loss or delay of transmitting or no transmission or data corruption. It is not responsible for any mistakes in prices, characteristics or photos and has the right to change them without previous warning. It has no responsibility over its users/clients for losses may arise from carrying out or not their order. This website may contain references of other websites. The www.myrepsos.gr is not responsible for its contents and for any possible damage occurs from its use, since the client/user enters with his responsibility.

Our online store makes any possible effort for the smooth operation of its services, though it cannot guarantee the unstoppable operation of its electronic address or servers and its free of viruses environment.

During the payment by credit card the transaction is upon the legal owner of the particular card. Therefore the illegal use of the card without his consent does not absolve him from the obligations of this contract, neither our online store to ask for compensation for illegal action or failure of the card user.

The users are exclusively responsible to evaluate and choose the products and services offered by the website and have no responsibility over their choices or incompatibilities among products-software-services given.

Our company takes no responsibility for product shortages caused by majeure, weather conditions etc. Moreover, Myrepsos company is not responsible for possible damage of the transported products since it is not because of inadequate storage and precaution measures taken by our company.


In case the products you have ordered are not available we will notify you either by mail or phone for the exact time of delivery. If you consent, you have to notify us you are aware and wish for your order to be accomplished. In case you are not satisfied by the new terms your order will be canceled. Myrepsos company does not commit itself about the product availability but has the obligation to inform the users in case the availability of a product varies from that one described on the website.

Annulment of order

You may cancel/change the order in the following cases:

  • During the electronic process of order deduct the quantities of products by pressing the deletion button and then inform.
  • If your order is accomplished but not yet posted, you can call or mail us to cancel the order.
  • In case your order has been valued and you wish to cancel, call us or mail us to cancel the order.

Personal data

The www.myrepsos.gr commits to protect the personal data of website users and clients, respecting the law N.2742/97 and its modifications concerning the personal data protection. Your personal data are used and kept only for use from the online store. They are not going to be given away to other companies or institutions without your permission. Meanwhile by law you can access them at any time.

Finally Myrepsos company gives the right to any user does not wish to use the website and its services to exit and delete his data from its archive. In this case the data are permanently deleted.

All transactions being made through www.murepsos.gr are in accordance and protected by the international and European law concerning the electronic trade (Directive 2000/31/E.K,ΠΔ 131/2003). Also by the law for the consumer protection(N.2251/1994) and its modifications regulating the sales from distance.